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Debjit Paul

Debjit Paul

Postdoc in NLP


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.  - Helen Keller
Reasoning with exceptions is like navigating a minefield: Most steps are safe, but some can be devastating.  -Judea Pearl
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About Me

I'm a Postdoctoral Researcher working with Boi Faltings, Robert West, and Antoine Bosselut at EPFL. I did my Ph.D. under the supervision of Anette Frank in the Department of Computational Linguistics at Heidelberg University and also a part of Research Training Group AIPHES.

My primary research interest areas are : Natural Language Understanding, Commonsense Reasoning, Knowledge-Based Reasoning, Neuro-Symbolic NLP, Explainable Machine Learning, Deep Learning for NLP.

Email: debjit.paul (at) epfl.ch


Selected Publications