Feb 21, 2024 Check out our new preprint paper Making Reasoning Matter: Measuring and Improving Faithfulness of Chain-of-Thought Reasoning
Jan 20, 2024 REFINER got accepted at EACL main conference 2024. See you in Malta :airplane:
Oct 9, 2023 Two papers got accepted at EMNLP 2023. See you in Singapore :airplane:
Aug 13, 2023 I am on the academic and industry job market. If you think my background can be a good fit, I’d be happy to discuss!
Aug 2, 2023 Check out our new preprint paper Flows: Building Blocks of Reasoning and Collaborating AI
Jun 24, 2023 Invited as an Area Chair at EMNLP 2023
Apr 4, 2023 Check out our new preprint paper REFINER: Reasoning Feedback on Intermediate Representations
Nov 23, 2022 Talk at KU Leuven: Neuro-Symbolic Commonsense Reasoning in NLP.
Apr 21, 2022 Successfully defended my PhD. Thesis :man_student: